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Provence Sante Liquid Soap, shown here in the Sweet Almond scent, is a great product for people who have sensitive skin. It is pH balanced, which means that people who really react to strong soaps are likely to be able to use this one without any issues at all. It also contains glycerin. That helps to lock the moisture into your skin, and that can go a long way toward improving comfort and appearance for those who have to wash their hands frequently.

This product has a wonderful almond scent that is also quite neutral, in that it appeals to just about everybody. It is neither overly masculine nor overly feminine, so nobody should have a problem with it. Using good soap is one of the best ways to improve overall hygiene and to do so without compromising on how you take care of yourself in terms of preventing dryness, cracking, redness, and other problems. Simply because you have to wash up a lot doesn't mean that you should suffer for it; and with good products like these, there's absolutely no reason that you should anticipate that being the case. Try this, and we're sure you'll love it.

Size: 500 ml / 16.9 oz

Made in France.