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Pure Badger Shaving Brushes

This grade of hair is the least expensive badger option. It is often darker or even black in color. It does not hold as much water as the higher-end grades of hair, but still is effective in creating a lather and lifting the whiskers.

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Pure Badger Shaving Brushes Reviews
The brush is fine but
WCS Tortoiseshell Torch Shaving Brush, Pure Badger The brush is fine but the brush/razor stand you sold me will not accept the brush because is too wide for the prongs on the stand. Unacceptable.
Great brush!
Simpson Special 1 Pure Badger Shaving Brush S1 Better color than i was expecting, Great brush. Good and stiff which is nice for my head. Good price.
Great value and quality
West Coast Shaving Beacon Shaving Brush, Pure Badger, Ivory This comes in a really nice presentatoon package as all west coast brand product's offered.Great product with the handle is perfect and performance of product is great.
West Coast Shaving Tortoiseshell Torch Shaving Brush, Pure Badger I've only good things to say abt WCS. Quick service. The only improvable matter is the tracking, which ain't working. Cheers Achim+
Large Handle
West Coast Shaving Beacon Shaving Brush, Pure Badger, Ivory This brush is exactly what I've been looking for!!! My hand doesn't cramp when lathering. It's scratchy enough to exfoliate but soft enough to feel nice.
Excellent brush at a good value
Omega 63185 Pure Badger Shaving Brush While I'm still relatively new to the world of wet shaving, this was one of my earliest purchases and one of my best. I like the feel of the brush on my face, it creates copious amounts of later with both cream and soap, it dries quickly, and it looks sharp. Looking forward to many more great shaves with this brush. While it may not measure up to some high end brushes, I'm sure it's a good starting point for anyone making the move to wet shaving.
Great Brush
Vulfix 1000A Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Faux Ivory Quality at a very fair price. Thank West Coast.
First brush, pretty cool
Omega 6223 Pure Badger Shaving Brush I'm brand new to shaving with a double edge razor, and really enjoy the look and feel of this brush. Looks better than the picture for sure. Can't comment on much more since I'm a noob, but definitely enjoying the process and using the brush.
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