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With some brands, you buy the brush for purely the knot. However, with Kent shaving brushes, you also buy it for that classic handle style. The pure badger options let you get that Kent style at an attractive price. These brushes will perform just fine on any soap or shaving cream, but note the tips are not as soft as their higher grades. But I guess that can be said for all brands.

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Surprisingly Comfortable
Kent BLK2 Pure Grey Badger Shaving Brush, Black Handle My Edwin Jagger Super Badger had started shedding, and though comfortable was more pliable than I thought proper and beginning to feel positively soft. Looking through the alternatives I ran into this little gem. I was hesitant at first: the "pure badger" labeling and the description seemed to imply a lower grade of brush than the EJ. At the price point, though, it was difficult to say no.

OH BOY was this brush a good idea. It was stiff at first, but after break-in is only slightly stiffer than my old EJ, whisks up a solid lather in no time, and feels at once more stimulating and more soothing. I would recommend the Kent BLK2 to anyone wanting a brisk yet comfortable shave experience who has just a little patience for this brush to come into its own.

I am giving the BLK2 five stars both for its quality and for the price offered at WCS. Bravo, gentlemen.
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