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From Roman times up until the present day, alum has been used as a post-shave treatment. Recently, it's seen a revival in popularity among men who appreciate a good shaving experience from start to finish.

To use this product, splash some cold water over your face and then rub with the alum stick. You'll find that it tightens the skin, soothes irritation or razor burn, and leaves your skin feeling toned and refreshed. This item is also known for its antiperspirant and deodorizing properties ' in fact, it's long been in use in Middle Eastern countries for exactly that purpose ' so you'll appreciate the rounded tip for underarm use.

If you've gone a little overboard while shaving, this takes care of nicks or minor cuts without the sting you'd expect from a styptic pencil. Of course if you've really gouged yourself, this won't help, but perhaps a little more practice with the razor will!

The RazoRock Alum Stick comes in a convenient case that's ideal for travel as well!

Size: 60g

Made in Thailand.