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This outstanding professional quality lube is full of all-natural ingredients that will gently scent and moisturize your skin. It provides a fresh, invigorated feeling with no dryness or irritation, and delivers the superior results you expect from RazoRock.

To use, just squeeze a small amount (about the size of a quarter) into the palm of your hand and then, using a circular motion, rub it into your beard in order to raise and loosen it. For best results, cleanse your face first using hot water and a quality soap.

You can even use this superior product for shaving your head or body, so if you're the kind of guy who doesn't want his bathroom all cluttered up with multiple products, you're covered. You'll even find that you can use this as a post-shave treatment if you need a little extra moisture. It does just about everything, so it's great to take along if you're on the road and like to travel light!

Ingredients: Organic aloe juice, organic extracts (bilberry, orange, lemon, sugar maple, cranberry), meadowfoam seed, witch hazel, phenoxyethanol, vegetable glycerin, TEA, carbomer, menthol, distilled peppermint oil.

Size: 120ml

Made in the USA.