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Razorock is great line of products that pride themselves in high quality and natural formulations that are also SLS and paraben free. They have a lots of unique and fun scents available that range throughout the aftershave waxes, shaving soaps, cream soaps, aftershave balms, and shave gels. One of the products that they are most known for is the Razorock Alum, which is a one-of-kind item that has many different uses - a must have for your shaving kit. This Italian based company prides itself on quality and challenges you to find better performing product with a better price point, or just a better product than theirs! With that much confidence, they are definitely worth trying.

RazoRock Shaving Products
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RazoRock Reviews
Great soap and lather.
RazoRock What the Puck Shaving Soap, Blue Barbershop I have been wetshaving for only 2 years, and have only used van der hagen because to be honest I don't really shop online. But after reading about this soap in the wicked_edge reddit I had to give it a try. I LOVE this soap, it lathers up perfect even with my semi-hard water. The scent is nice and not overwhelming plus I get a great glide from my blades in this lather. I know I haven't tried any of those $50 luxury artisan soaps and I don't really want to dive down that rabbit hole. This puck does everything I want and my face is smooth and soft when I am done shaving.

Great product and the only thing I can say that is bad [right now] is that it's out of stock :P
Great lather nice scent
RazoRock P.160 Professional Shaving Soap Lathers easily and is slick smooth and rich. Very enjoyable soothing almond scent. Scent milder than cella but lathers better. Great price!! Hard to find so if you find it buy several!
Love this
RazoRock Aftershave Wax, 888 Eucalyptus and Tea Tree I have sensitive skin and this is by far the best after shave I have used. No burning and leaves my face smooth and soft.
RazoRock Artisan Lime Glycerin Pre Shave Soap
RazoRock Artisan Lime Glycerin Pre Shave Soap, 100g It does a nice job cleaning moisturizing my face before I shave, especially nice if I don’t shower prior to shaving.
Good but not the best.
RazoRock Artisan Lime Glycerin Pre Shave Soap, 100g If you are looking for a preshave product that wont break the bank and provides good results, then this is for you. However, the better the preshave product, the more it'll cost.
RazoRock XX Italian Shaving Soap You can't go wrong with razorock. The lather is super quick and super thick. Plus, the smell is great. My favorite soap to date.
Good Scent - Not Overpowering
RazoRock The Dead Sea Shaving Soap The quality is awesome, as I have come to expect from this manufacturer. Scent is awesome, with hints of incense and (yes) cannabis. However the cannabis is *very* subtle. I was worried at first that I would smell like a stoner, and that's not it at all. I get an excellent shave with this soap, and the scent is mostly for my own enjoyment. An hour after the shave it's still there, but very faint.
Unique and very good...
RazoRock Aftershave Wax, 888 Eucalyptus and Tea Tree This is not a balm, nor a lotion in look OR feel.

At first, the word "wax" conjures up an image of something like a shoe polish.

Actually, this is a cream that leave the feel of a freshly-shined shoe on your face. Clearly hydrating but not greasy in feel nor effect. Leaves skin very soft and supple.

Use only a few faint spots scattered and rubbed in your face, and feel like a well-groomed gentleman.

I like the tea tree version and use it daily.

Will be ordering the lavender variety next.

Love the results!
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