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What kind of a man would use the same old dull razor over and over again, putting up with untold irritation to his skin, just to prove a point? A scientifically-minded shave enthusiast, that's who. Or, to put it more simply: The three men behind Razorpit. Tired of blades that dulled too quickly, the Razorpit crew conducted a simple experiment that proved to them that their usual blades lasted for fewer than 21 shaves before causing irritation and bumps. After some major trial and error, they realized that razors can't really be sharp if they're not clean. Enter the Razorpit, the sharpening tool that uses patented friction technology to provide up to 150 comfortable shaves. The device cleans and hones edges at the same time, lengthening the life of your blades. After all, if you wouldn't throw away a dirty plate, why throw away a dirty razor?

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