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Razor Blades Sample Packs

Sample packs are how we got our start! Blade selection is a critical part of the process for the novice wet-shaver. The best and only way to find the perfect shave is to try different double edge razor blades, as each person's experience is unique.

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Our range of blades is extensive, and the difference from one to another is extreme. Each package contains quite a few blades--we think it's a great deal! Instead of using an entire box from one brand, we recommend rotating from brand to brand, as you may have a different opinion on a blade after trying a few other brands. On the packs that include a Feather blade, we always like to note that it's the sharpest and best to try last! All fit our wide assortment of safety razors.

Razor Blades Sample Packs Reviews
Great quality, lasts forever
Lady's Choice Sample Pack All of the blades are a great quality and this pack lasts me over 6 months!
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything I have been a DE shaver for several years. The wife always grabs my blades from the local store or pharmacy. Finally broke my DE razor and bought a new one from West Coast and had them throw in a sampler pack of blades. Wow, imagine my surprise when I put a new Feather in my new razor. Turns out the blades from the store are not actually sharpened!!! At least compared to the Feather! I am now on a box of Astros and getting excellent shaves as well. The blades are also lasting longer than the store blades. Well worth the money.
Great Sample Pack!
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything I only bought my safety razor a few months ago, so I am still trying out different razors. This sample pack was a great value and a great way to find out what I like.
Great buy
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Extended So far, only used three different brand of blades. Didn't realize there was such a difference between the brands. The sampler pack is the only way to go if you don't know anything about de razer blades. Like all brands used thus far. Great value for the money.
Excellent Selection
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything Very big selection to help you choose which blade is best for you. "Everything sample pack" is a fitting name. some excellent, some good and some not so good for my face, but that's what this sampler pack is for. really good price too.
Sample pack
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice Great value and extremely helpful in finding that perfect blade. So far the feather is my favorite and leaves a great smooth shave.
Cost effective
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice I was so tired of wasting money on the cheap cartridge razors now I get a quality shave every morning without breaking my wallet
Great Way to Get Started
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice Ordering the sample pack was a great way to get started with wet shaving! There's enough blades to get a really good feel for what type of blade fits your face and technique. I've been using these blades for over a month and am ready to make an informed decision on which blade to buy in bulk!
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