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Razor Blades Sample Packs

Sample packs are how we got our start! Blade selection is a critical part of the process for the novice wet-shaver. The best and only way to find the perfect shave is to try different double edge razor blades, as each person's experience is unique.

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Our range of blades is extensive, and the difference from one to another is extreme. Each package contains quite a few blades--we think it's a great deal! Instead of using an entire box from one brand, we recommend rotating from brand to brand, as you may have a different opinion on a blade after trying a few other brands. On the packs that include a Feather blade, we always like to note that it's the sharpest and best to try last! All fit our wide assortment of safety razors.

Razor Blades Sample Packs Reviews
Great mix of high end blades
I bought a Merkur 34C HD and a 20 pack of Feather blades even though they were "too sharp for beginners" and I had no problems. This pack came with Feather, Derby, Crystal Israeli, Merkur and Personna blades plus I got a promo code for free Astra blades with any purchase so I got every blade I wanted to try for a good price. They're all a little different but also all very good. It's just preference and how much you want to spend. Merkur's are the most expensive and honestly my least favorite. The Feathers are super sharp and give me a great shave with a single pass and I can use them for 3-4 shaves, so even though they're the second most expensive, they're still a good deal. The Astras were very sharp and are the bargain blade of the bunch, but for me the Feather blade with the Merkur razor work the best. It's a better sample pack than anything on Amazon, which tend to be mostly filler blades. I highly recommend this sample pack, especially with the free Astras. You're basically getting every highly rated blade there is.
DE blade sampler
Best value for you money. Great variety of blades.
Great bargain
Current prices for multi blade refills are very high. Those blades last for about 6-7 good shaves. The blade sampler worked out to less than $0.30 a blade. I have tried crystals, merkurs, derby's and red personas. There are differences but I get 5-7 shaves per blade. Each blade works differently on different beards and in different razors so a sample pack will allow you to find the best one. Even with only 1-2 shaves per blade, this is still a bargain
recent purchase
good prices on name brand shaving products.
Great Selection
Great selection of blades to try. The first time I have had to try different manufactures at a great price.
Now this is the way
Now this is the way to decide what blade is best for you.
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