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Organic Shaving Creams

If you want to sport a clean-shaven face, but are frustrated with the mass market, synthetic goop lining the shelves of major retailers, look no further than our personal favorite selection of organic shaving creams. These creams use organic ingredients wherever possible, perfect for the environmentalist, sensitive-skinned, or enthusiast alike!

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Organic Shaving Creams Reviews
No irritation or redness
Certain creams cause burning and irritation. This is an excellent cream that has no irritation.
Desert Shave. Creme
Col. Conk Natural Shave Cream, High Desert Breeze "I have sensitive skin and this has been a great product for me. Feels good on the fave, prepares for shave without leaving a residue. You can apply by hand or use a brush. Only complaint is that i use it quickly applying by hand, so I might order a brush next time.
Highly Recommended
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Organic "I've sampled shaving creams from Taylor of Old Bond Street, Proraso, and a 'sensitive' shaving cream pack. This is my favorite out of all of them.

It's less a 'soap' and more of a 'cream' than the others, so it makes my skin appropriately slick for gliding a razor over. I can quickly go over the same area two or three times before I feel the razor's edge (and need to re-lather). Still rinses out clean and scentless, with the skin feeling half-way moisturized.
Love the strong scent; Almost soap-like in consistency
Col. Conk Natural Shave Cream, High Desert Breeze "I love the sinus-opening sent. I however prefer a more cream-like texture, and this is more the consistency of shaving soap than a traditional cream.
OH, that SMELL!!!
Col. Conk Natural Shave Cream, High Desert Breeze "VERY strong eucalyptus and Tea Tree smell REALLY opens the sinuses and wakes you up in the morning. I have no problem getting this to lather up and it seems to be friendly to a bit more water than you might think. There is a good amount of slickness and it seems to protect me from nicks well also. I like this cream a lot and will keep it on my shelf.
Good Product, There Just Needs to be More of It
Simpson Luxury Shave Cream, Sandalwood I have a Simpson brush that I absolutely love, so when I saw that they also had a shaving cream, I decided to give it a try. If their cream was anywhere near the quality of their brushes, how could I go wrong. I have sampled quite a few creams and Simpsons is pretty good. To put things in some perspective, my favorite cream is Truefitt & Hill's sandalwood. While Simpsons will never take the place my Truefitt & Hill, I still consider it a very good shaving cream. It lathers up easily, has a great smell, and is slick enough to provide for a great shave. I find it very similar, both in smell and lather, to the the sandalwood cream put out by Taylor of Old Bond Street or Vulfix. That being said, my only complaint is the amount of product you get with Simpsons. Both Taylor and Vulfix give you a good deal more product and at a cheaper price to boot.
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