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Shaving Kits

We have broken out our men's shaving kits into straight razor kits, safety razor kits, shaving product kits, travel kits, and mustache/beard/ hair kits.

Build Your Own Sets
Safety Razor Sets
Safety Razor Sets
PreShave, Cream, Aftershave sets
PreShave, Cream, Aftershave sets
Cartridge Razor Sets
Cartridge Razor Sets
Beard, Mustache & Hair Kits
Beard, Mustache & Hair Kits
Shaving Travel Kits
Shaving Travel Kits
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Shaving Kit Education

Do you love the idea of having a stand on your sink to proudly display a double edge safety razor and shaving brush, but don't have time to figure out which razors and brushes fit well and look good with which stand? Then let us do the work for you! Buying together usually brings a significant savings over buying individually.

You will find shaving sets that we have curated, and some that come straight from our manufacturer. We have some great starter sets in both the straight razor kits and the safety razor kits.

Shaving Kits Reviews
WCS Starter Kit
WCS Starter Kit - Build Your Own Not new to WCS, have purchased in the past.

Had to take advantage of the starter kit offer.

The razor is outstanding, as well as the shaving soap.

The brush was new to me as I never had so soft a brush!

Astra blades are top notch.

I suggest everyone buys from WCS, the prices are great and the service tremendous .
Ladies Safety Razor Starter Kit-Build Your Own This kit is perfect to get you started! Great price and great quality!
Excellent quality product. will definitely buy more.
Taylor's Set, Sandalwood Bought the TOBS sandalwood set at an excellent price. included: pre shave oil, shave cream and aftershave lotion. I use the tobs oil every in every single shave. It does help your skin and softens your wiskers. use the hot towel. then the shaving cream along with the simpson brush i ordered along this purchase, excellent feel, the cream its superb. cold towel and the the aftershave. smelling good to start my day. Definitely recommend these products fro Taylor of Old Bond Street.


Mexicali, Baja California

Build your own starter kit
WCS Starter Kit - Build Your Own Absolutely amazing!!! The razor is top notch, as is the brush and shave soap!!! I am absolutely pleased with everything!!!
Traditional British Fragrance
Taylor's Set, Jermyn Street Wanted to try this for a long time. Sale was good so I couldn't pass it by. Very pleased with the scent and , as always, T.O.B shave cream is among the best.
Great smell and lather
Sequoia Soap and Aftershave
#14 Sequoia Shaving Soap & Aftershave Cologne Set A fine product and a nice scent, long lasting but not pesky scent!
I love it
Ladies Safety Razor Starter Kit-Build Your Own All of the things I got from this was amazing

I got the 77S I liked the sleek look and really is great for holding and does the job wonderfully! I am never going back to plastic razors!!

The sweet almond smells great 10/10 recommend

The Razors are great

The brush is my fave I didn't know how to use it at first but I got the hang of it

Over all I love this and cannot wait to try other products
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