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Simpson Shaving Brushes

Simpson Shaving Brushes are widely sought after and even collected by many. There is something about this brand, with the unique handle designs, and spectacular handle material, that is so desirable. They are are the epitome of all things traditional and, naturally, they would be from England. Their standards regarding the grading of badger hair are as high as you can get. What they consider mid-grade, other brands might call their top of the line. With such a large selection of Simpson brushes, we've organized by style. Need help, just ask and our expert brush pickers are at your service.

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Simpson Shaving Brushes Reviews
Simpson Shaving Brush
Simpson Commodore X1 Best Badger Shaving Brush X1B Nice quality, good service and packaging. The Taback shaving soap was lovely.
Simpson Colonel X2L Best Badger Shaving Brush
Simpson Colonel X2L Best Badger Shaving Brush (X2L) I love my Simpson X2L brush. This is my first Simpson bruch. I had a no name brush for 5 years and wanted a new one.
Simpson Review
Simpson Special 1 Pure Badger Shaving Brush S1 Finally treated myself to a new brush. Really enjoying it.
Very Nice Brush
Simpson Colonel X2L Best Badger Shaving Brush (X2L) This is my first Simpson and it won't be my last. Handle has a nice, heavy feel and is easy to hold. Lathers soaps and creams equally well, face or bowl. Very nice brush for the price.
Classic Brush!
Simpson Tulip 2 Super Badger Shaving Brush T2 This is one of Simpsons classic options from an iconic traditional brush maker. The hair is 3-band 'super' badger that is attractive with excellent backbone, soft tips with some scrub. Precisely what I wanted as one who face lathers hard soaps! Out of the box, there was a bit of 'badger funk' that dissipated after a few lathers and the brush has lost very few hairs.

So how does this one perform compared to other Simpsons options? In terms of density and backbone, I rank it between my very dense Classic 2 (which has more backbone because of lower loft) and my Chubby 1 in best (and a very nice example of Simpsons best). The Tulip is definitely denser than my Duke 2 or 59. Overall, just the thing for face lathering! Flow-through, as expected, is more like a Chubby or Classic (very greedy brushes) than my other Simpsons.

The handle is elegant. The edge does catch extra lather and it fits very comfortably in my hand. Because of the size and how I place my hands, this brush could also work well for bowl lathering.

There are definitely more reasonably priced Simpsons that are great brushes. But this Tulip is definitely worth the price for someone who appreciates a very high quality, elegant smaller to medium sized brush.
Great brush, exactly what I was looking for
Simpson Major Super Badger Shaving Brush M1 I have thoroughly enjoyed many of my Simpson brushes and currently own a Chubby 1 in super, a Duke 3 in best, a Classic 2 in best, a Wee-Scot (in best), a Classic 1 synthetic, and my newest a Major in super. I briefly owned a Case in best.

While the Wee-Scot is great for what it is, I wanted a little larger, less scritchy brush for travel. My first attempt at a new travel brush was the Case in best. I liked the size of the brush and was happy with how it lathered, however it felt too scritchy for me. It seems that the badger hair in best for the both the Classic 2 and Duke 3 is of a higher grade than that of the Wee-Scot and the Case.

My next attempt was to try the Classic 1 synthetic. The Classic 1 synthetic is a good travel size for me, bristles are extremely soft (maybe too soft) with good backbone and drys quickly. But this brush was also not for me. It forced me to smash the brush against my face as it would not splay at all. Two replacement travel brushes now and neither was right for me. I should have bought the Major in super to begin with.

I received the Major yesterday and used it today. It is exactly what I was looking for. The knot has begun to bloom nicely after the first use. This brush has good backbone and good face feel for me. I believe it will also dry quickly, however I cannot yet verify that as I did not stay home to see if how quickly it would dry. The actual brush, its style and its handle (travel case) all scream out "high quality precision brush". I should have bought this brush in the first place and would have both saved money and time since I ended up with it anyway.

Like razors, blades and soaps, brushes are highly personal in what is desired, but for me I have found my ideal travel brush. YMMV.
My perfect travel brush
Simpson Wee Scot Best Badger Shaving Brush Don't let the size fool you. This Wee Scot can make some lather! I take it every time I travel.
Simpson Badger brush
Simpson Special 1 Pure Badger Shaving Brush S1 As advertised , very satisfied with this purchase, Thanks Aviv
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