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You're the cautious, traditional type; you're not going to trust your face to just any old shaving brush. You want something with history on its side, something that's proven itself against the test of time and many trials along the way. You want a brush that's got a stiff upper lip, for your upper lip. What you're looking for is Simpsons, the company that worked its way up from a modest operation in the East End of London, survived being bombed out during the Blitz, and remains today an unruffled, stalwart representation of the proper British shave. There's nothing fancy or frou-frou about Simpsons; they're sticking to traditional badger brushes the way a man sticks to his neighborhood pub. This is shaving, simply done properly, the way they've done it since 1919.

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Simpson Reviews
First brush I've owned, and I'm very satisfied!
Simpson Wee Scot Best Badger Shaving Brush I decided to get into shaving, so I needed a brush. I wanted a good brush, but not really expensive, nor cheap. This brush had great reviews and seemed to fit my needs, so I went for it. I'm very happy with everything about it. There have been zero loose hairs over the first 4 weeks of use, although I did clip off an errant wavy strand. The brush is small, but perfectly allows placement of shaving cream. I can only imagine how some of the full size brushes must seem rather difficult to get product on your upper lip without also getting it all over your nose. The small size for me is just right, as i don't like a lot of clutter, and as others have said, it fits perfectly in a pill bottle for travel. Its handmade in England on the same lathe used for decades, which is pretty cool IMO. Overall, I don't know what else you could really ask for in a shaving brush. Its fairly soft, big enough to do the job easily, and stores easily. I do soak it while in the shower to make sure it is nice and puffy before i lather my shaving cream. It's a treat. get one.
Sweet Lil Brush
Simpson Commodore X1 Best Badger Shaving Brush X1B In short, I'll say this is a fantastic utilitarian brush. It's not flashy, it's not fancy, it's not big, and it's nothing you don't need. It's just a simple, comfortable-to-use, highly effective brush with a knot that I'm sure will be among the longest-lived in your den.

It's hard to tell from pictures how big an item will be when you receive it. Even if they give a visual scale, sometimes it's hard to estimate what that looks like in your hand. Well, this is a small brush, just so you know. IMO, that's a good thing. After reading reviews, I was a little worried my fingers might slip down into the deep hollow at the bottom of the handle. But upon holding and using the brush, I instantly realized that my man-sized hands would have absolutely zero issues here. My natural grip places three fingers just at the widest part of the handle, just below the knot. This provides a very secure and comfortable (relaxed) grip. and the handle doesn't seem to inch back into my hand, pushing my fingers into the lather. So, ergos are good.

The hollow at the base of the handle, being the handle is pretty small to begin with, makes it so that it can hang securely on my brush stand without touching the knot to the metal stand. That's a big bonus in my book. I don't like to repeatedly rub brush knots against metal. Experience tells me this will cause an acceleration in wear and tear on the knot. Most of my brushes, I resort to standing up on the counter, not using the brush stand.

As for the knot? I think you're not going to do better in terms of quality anywhere else. Equal, yes, but not better. I have various other badger and boar brushes, mostly hand-made. The knots vary in quality from extreme shedders to very solid quality knots. This one is among the best in my collection. I was actually expecting to get more use out of it before reviewing it, but turns out I don't need to.

Within four or five shaves, the wet-dog funk was gone. Now it smells exactly like the Arko soap I've been using lately. I was expecting the knot to shed for a while before "breaking-in", but to my surprise, the second shave pretty much marked the end of the shedding. It's dropped one or two hairs since, but for the most part is clean now.

The knot is fairly densely packed and provides a good bit of backbone. I'm typically a boar fan due to the backbone vs. badger. But this one provides a nice balance. Perhaps not as soft as either a silvertip or a well-worn boar, but very close to both, and right in the middle between the two in terms of backbone. It also has very good flow-through. After soaking the brush, I give it a good squeeze to remove most of the water, load the soap, and then go to the bowl to lather. With this brush, I don't actually need to add any more water during lathering. It whips up a perfect-consistency lather (with Arko) with only what water is left in the brush. And after lathering, I can reload the brush from the bowl between passes, but there's really no need on a three pass shave. The brush blooms out as it picks up lather, and blooms enough to hold three adequate passes worth of lather. If I want generous lather, I'll reload.
A Great Little Brush!
Simpson Classic CL 1 Best Badger Shaving Brush (CL1B) I have three Simpson brushes in my rotation (Duke 3, Classic 2, Classic 1). The Simpson Classic 1 has become my favorite, overtaking the Classic 2. This brush cuts hard soap like a pit bull and handles like a sports car. A bonus is that it's also a great travel brush. Either Classic is a must have, this one suits me best. I caught myself mine on a 20% off sale making it a super value.
A brush above the rest
Simpson Chubby 3 Super Badger Shaving Brush CH3S The best brush I've ever used, This thing is huge but very tightly knotted, holds a lot of lather
Dense Brush With Good Feel
Simpson Chubby 2 Best Badger Shaving Brush CH2 This is a legendary brush. Simpson is known for quality of its brushes and this is no exception. For a large brush it fits perfectly in my hand. It loads soap easily and provided enough lather for a 4 pass face shave and 2 pass head shave. It feels great on my skin. Not cheap - but good quality.
Simpson brush
Simpson Special 1 Best Badger Shaving Brush S1 Simpson brushes are great: tight knot, firm, no bristle loss.
Simpson Vanilla & Rose Shave Cream
Simpson Luxury Shave Cream, Vanilla & Rose A fine quality cream with a pleasant and unique scent. It contains aloe which leads me to believe that the producers would be well served to indicate on the tin, that it is suitable for sensitive skin. Will purchase again.
Updated review
Simpson Commodore X3 Best Badger Shaving Brush X3B Greg S. here again to update my prior 3-star review. I asked WCS for a replacement brush and they sent it. Comparing the two, is already clear that this brush is awesome and the other one was defective from the start. My new Commodore X3 has only shed a hair or two while the other one started off shedding at least a few hairs every time it was touched, culminating in the shedding I wrote about earlier. Anyway, I wanted to update my review to say that WCS happily stood by their product, so if you want one of these brushes, you can buy without risk.
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