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After 85 years, this third generation natural cosmetic brand is still cranking out some seriously good grooming products. Based on inspiration from the Speick plant and it's skin healthy properties, the founders now produce shaving soap, shave cream, aftershaves and deodorants. All are highly regarded in the classic shaving community for excellent performance and unique scent. The cream and soap are the best known products, offering a spectacular lather and a smooth shave. Speick management takes a holistic approach to the business, with employee development, childcare provided to working mothers, and environmentally sound manufacturing and ingredients. They have won German Sustainability awards two years in a row now.

Speick Aftershave, Cream & Soap
Speick Grooming Products
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Speick Reviews
Speick is a darn good shaving soap!
Speick Men Active Shaving Soap, Bowl I've tried a lot of brands of both cream and soap over the years and this one is among the best! Speick is firmer than most creams and softer than most soaps. It's made from natural ingredients and includes their signature, specially harvested ingredient, valerian root, a plant used for centuries for its health giving properties. It has a unique scent...kinda like lemon but different. Speick has a unique, hard to describe feel to it that lets you know that you're putting a non-chemical, plant-based, natural soap onto your face that is doing good things for your skin. This one's a keeper!
Nice scent and performance
Speick Men Shower Gel I enjoyed trying this body wash. It has a great herbal scent similar to other Speick products but it is a bit too pricy for me to purchase it regularly since it is also a smaller amount than the body washes available locally in the US. I'm glad I tried it.
Great Balm!
Dab it on
Speick Deo Stick Don't go too heavy with it (you'll smell like cough medicine) and you'll find this is long-lasting and fresh-smelling, fading gradually. I like how it combines with my own scent but your chemistry may vary.
Speick Deoderant
Speick Men Deo Stick Like this so much. Doesn't stain and doesnt make you feel irritation of underarm. Good for men and strong but not offensive.
Like the aftershave, very German...
Speick After Shave Balsam As with the aftershave, the smell is very medicinal, and to me, inviting in a healing way. Made from quality ingredients, it feels good and smells good too.

Use it sparingly though, as every skin has different absorption limits, and I find that too much ends up lingering on the surface feeling oily.

Complements companion products well.

Since a little goes a long way, price isn't too bad either.
Very German-like...
Speick After Shave Lotion (Splash) Reminds me a little of jagermeister liqoure!

Medicinal and a bit licorice-like.

Smells like it ought to be good for you, and it seems to be. Doesn't have much of a burn, but does leave a pleasant scent for an hour or so.

I use it with the companion balm, and the two leaves a smooth, well-comforted face.

Considering the apparent quality of the product, the price is nice too.

Certainly will remain in my humble shaving inventory!
On my top 5 list for decades!
Speick Men Active Shaving Cream It has been one of my top 5 for decades. Speick is an underrated brand, well known in Europe, less overseas, founded in 1928. Products are ORGANIC (further info check and select ???English??). Consistantly providing great shaves. I like the reserved, clean, fresh, masculine-spicy scent of the ???Active?? (grey) line. Well worth the price. Great that WEST COAST SHAVING has it on offer.
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