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You don't have to use a brush to get great lather for your shave. Suavecito Brushless Shaving Creme in the 8oz tub provides what you need if you want to keep it simple when you tackle your beard. Just put some on your fingers and rub it in. Give it a little bit to absorb into your beard as that it's easy to cut and go to town trimming those follicles down. This product is soothing, so it does a great job for those who have sensitive skin but who don't want to take on a complicated ritual to deal with it.

Suavecito makes a great line of products that have a rather old-school feel to them, including pomades and more. This is right in line with that spirit in the fact that it has the kind of quality that people back in the day could count on. This isn't cheap, it's not like the stuff you'd pick up at a drugstore, and it's not going to put a thin layer of foam on your face that doesn't protect at all. You can trim up quick with this and not compromise on how you care for your skin one bit.

Size: 8 oz.

Made in the USA.