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The synthetic movement is alive and well with Muhle. Their latest synthetic shaving brushes are examples of the finest man-made fibers made today. As with all their brushes, they are hand-made beauties. Style and performance come together with Muhle brushes.

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Synthetic Reviews
Way Better than Expected
Muhle 39K257 Synthetic Silvertip Shaving Brush, Faux Ivory.I bought this brush from WCS based upon reviews elsewhere. I expected a good brush; really good, in fact, based upon what I had read. However, to my surprise, this brush is of astounding quality, and I have spend a nice chunk of money over the years on real silvertips. I never thought that a handle could "feel" so good, but the handle on this brush is really well made, and the synthetic bristles are so good (for the record, I have another, supposedly "high end" synthetic that is very good, but nowhere on par with this fine product) that this is my new go-to brush. Indeed, if I ever buy another brush (likely), I will get this make in the next size up, even though I am very happy with the size of this model. You will not regret buying this brush, especially for the money.
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