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  • Dry skin's best friend
  • Contains moisture locking ingredients: avocado oil, vitamin E, pure honey.
  • Light herbal scent

Taylor of Old Bond Street makes great products, and this herbal skin moisturizer can really do a great job for people who have dry skin problems and who need something that will keep moisture locked in. It's made from avocado oil, vitamin E, and pure honey, all of which are ideal for keeping arid conditions from ruining an otherwise healthy appearance. If you feel that you have trouble with dehydration after you are done washing, you may very well benefit from also getting a high quality soap that doesn't dry you out quite as much.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Herbal Skin Moisturizer is made in England. It comes in a 75ml tube that provides you with plenty to last for quite a while. During the summer, during the winter, or at any other time, conditions can be such that you get dehydrated very quickly and that can result in a craggy appearance, flakes, wrinkles, and other unsightly problems with which this product can help. This is a very high quality item, so you don't have to worry about it clogging up your pores or causing other issues such as you would with cheaper products that you may pick up at a drugstore.

Size: 75 ml

Made in England.