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  • Soothing aftershave gel for those with sensitive skin
  • Alcohol-free
  • Made in England

Taylor of Old Bond Street is not to be confused with the far less reliable manufacturers that produce the kind of products that you find in drugstores and grocery stores. This may be an aftershave gel, but it is several notches above those aforementioned types of products. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Aftershave Gel is also a balm, which is an ideal solution for men who have issues with sensitivity on their faces and who, therefore, oftentimes end up with rashes and other problems from shaving. This can help with those problems and do so very effectively.

This is made in England and comes in a 75ml tube. It goes on very smooth, and it doesn't contain any alcohol, so you will be free of those drying effects. It also has a wonderful finish to it; and despite the fact that it lacks the usual ingredient found in such offerings, you will still feel the toning, bracing sensation that you will be craving after you are done grooming. If you are really having serious issues and they are preventing you from enjoying taking care of yourself, consider getting skin food as a means to improve overall tone.

Size: 75 ml

Made in England.