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If you're someone who likes having a close clean shave, then I'm sure you've experienced your share of irritating razor burns, cuts, and bumps. To help you avoid these inconveniences, Tcheon Fung Sing developed the Linea Intenso Shaving Soap, Tobacco Verde especially for you. This traditional shaving soap carries with it an inviting masculine scent of tobacco blossoms. Don't confuse the name with tobacco used in pipes or cigarettes; the smell is more of a balance between refreshing scent of summer hay and the intoxicating fragrance of leather.
Aside from the refreshing aroma, the TFS latherer also has moisturizing properties that enables your razor to glide safely and smoothly across your chin. The presence of coconut and almond oil allows this product to remove dirt while preventing bacteria and fungi from growing on your skin. Aside from these cleansing and preventive benefits, almond oil is known to be rich in essential nutrients like vitamin A, D, and E. Enough is enough, grab this wonderful product and welcome the glorious beauty effects of it can offer.

Size: 150ml

Made in Italy.