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  • All natural organic shaving cream
  • Infused with bergamot and basil oil
  • Creamy lather to soften skin
  • No artificial ingredients, alcohol free

There are few companies that develop and manufacture men's skin care products that care enough about natural and organic ingredients to the extent of The Gentlemen's Refinery. The company has made this a priority in all its top quality items to ensure you not only get a comfortable trim that will leave you in great spirits but that you will not be subject to harsh ingredients that could harm your skin or the planet itself.

With that in mind, The Gentleman's Refinery has produced Black Ice Shave Cream using a list of ingredients that are all natural and alcohol free and several that are full certified as organic, including basil oil, anise, and bergamot. There is a light scent used with the balm; but just like with the rest of their products, there is nothing ever artificial added to the mix.

Of course, the good folks that make this understand it must meet the needs of its customers. You will get a close shave because this cream will soften the skin through moisturizing properties that last the length of your trimming session and stays with you all day.

Size: 150ML (5.3fl oz) Full Size

Made in Canada