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When you are looking for a high quality product but prefer classic style over modern flash, The Gentleman's Refinery The Standard After Shave Balm is the best way to recover after a beard trim. The unique and natural combination of ingredients comes together to provide a smooth and comfortable face. It goes on smooth and absorbs effortlessly, leaving no mess.

The users of this product rave about its soothing natural formula that also provides a stimulating feeling each and every time they use it. Thanks to the quality ingredients, your skin's pores will return to their ordinary, smaller size, which were opened preparing for a trim. Furthermore, it accomplishes that feat without clogging your pores because the flesh easily absorbs the product. It also enhances the regular oils of the flesh and provides additional moisture that can be lost as a result of shaving.

Like all of the great skin care products manufactured by The Gentleman's Refinery, The Standard After Shave Balm combines organic and natural ingredients that will not harm your skin. In fact, your face will feel fresher and healthier than ever because there are no harmful chemicals.

Size: 100ML (3.4fl oz) Full Size

Made in Canada