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You need to have a good lather when you are shaving. It helps to protect your skin, and let's be honest, it looks kind of cool. Of course, you will find that most of the products you find on your shelves at the grocery store ' you know, the place where you buy chips and beer ' just aren't good for your skin. They have too many chemicals in them. You need a better option, and that is just what The New York Shaving Company Shaving Soap Bowl, Tonsorial is able to offer.

It has a nice scent that is not overpowering at all. It also has that rich lather that you know you love. It doesn't include sulfates or parabens either, so it is better for your skin and the environment. The glycerin and the coconut oil in the product also give it something of a moisturizing quality. It also reduces the chance of razor burn, irritation, and cuts. Best of all, this comes in the nice bowl you see here. This means that you can keep on using it repeatedly. The next time you need some soap, just buy a refill and you will be good to go. Nice and easy.

Size: 4oz.

Made in the USA