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What makes your day just a bit brighter and easier to deal with' even on a Monday? Why, it's having the very best shave in the world, naturally! Of course, you really do need to make sure you have the right tools on hand for the job. If you don't, the results could be' well, maybe not disastrous, but they won't be as good as they could be. So what are those tools, in addition to the razor and some stubble, you need to have some good shave soap. What's that? You're out! Well, that's okay, since we're eager to help. Check out this 4 oz New York Shaving Company Shaving Soap Refill, Elizabeth Street. The refill is just what you need to whip up that lather and lay the smack down on those hairs that keep on pushing their way out of your face.

What makes the products so great? It feels good for starters, and that's due to the natural ingredients, including coconut oil and glycerin, which help to moisturize the skin wonderfully and protect it from razor burn and nicks. It could be just what you could use to make your mornings a bit better' seriously.

Size: 4oz.

Made in the USA.