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Shaving is a chore, literally, and most of the time we don't like to do it. A big part of that is the fact that sometimes it can hurt' although most guys never want to admit that aloud. After all, aren't we all just some rugged, tough customers who don't let anything get to us' well, at least in public? Of course, without something as nice as this refill of Old St. Patrick's soap from The New York Shaving Company, we would like shaving even less. This stuff just makes it all that much easier!

Here's one of the other things that you are sure to love about this soap refill. Thanks to the fine ingredients, it can do wonders to help protect your face from things such as razor burn and nicks. Keep in mind that we are talking about small cuts when we say nicks' as awesome as this stuff is, it will do nothing to protect you from real life nicks, such as Nick Nolte or Nick Cage. For those, you are on your own, and from what we've heard, they can be a handful, so good luck. Hey, at least you'll look good!

Size: 4oz.

Made in the USA.