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Sasquatch' mysterious woodland ninja that vanishes into the forest in the blink of an eye... massive hairy beast with a podiatric problem... the' wait' you aren't a Sasquatch? Then why do you have so much fur covering your face? It might be time that you finally bought a refill for your shave soap bowl so you can tame the mass of hair on that face.  The New York Shaving Company Shaving Soap Refill, Original Unscented is a good option. It's a nice product, and it offers quite a bit of goodness.

You will love how smooth it feels, all thanks to the high quality ingredients it includes, such as coconut oil and glycerin. This makes it so that the razor just glides across your cheeks and throat to remove all of that fur. It also helps to reduce the possibility of getting cut or developing razor burn. So pick up this refill today and get to shaving soon. You'll look great, and you can be comfortable doing it. We all know just how much that can help. You really are handsome under all that hair' at least that's what your mother tells us. Pick up the products you need today.

Size: 4oz.

Made in the USA.