The Travelin' Man, Gift Guide 2012

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Do you know a man that does a lot of traviling for work or pleasure. There are a few simple products that will help him take the luxuries of home with him. The Simpson Major brush is a handy design that protects the fine grade of hair. Turn it around and it provides a nice handle as well. Don't let him leave home without the Merkur DE Razor travel case. This will protect his razor from getting dinged up by the other things stuffed in his travel tote. If he's really packin' light, he'd appreciate the Merkur 45 Bakelite safety razor set—this small light-weight razor will do the trick and comes in a tiny little case. The D.R. Harris shampoo bar really is quite remarkable for several reasons. It gets rid of leaky shampoo bottles and it produces an amazing lather and leaves the hair soft and smelling great.

Simpson Major

Simpson Major Super Badger Shaving Brush M1

Your Price: $149.00

WCS Razor Case

West Coast Shaving Leather Safety Razor Case, Brown

Your Price: $22.99

Merkur 45

Merkur 45 Bakelite Safety Razor Travel Set

Your Price: $31.60

D.R. Harris Shampoo

D.R. Harris shampoo bar

Your Price: $11.00

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