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You lead a busy life and need products that are easy to grab-and-go. Stock up here for your next world adventure. (Or business trip. We won't judge.)

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We offer many of our best selling products, such as shaving creams and aftershaves, in smaller and convenient TSA-friendly sizes for easy plane travel. Of course, regulations change, so please check with current guidelines when determining if a size or product complies. We try to keep this category up to date as best we can, but it may not be perfect. We also offer durable cases and totes for all your gear, along with several customized razors and shaving brushes made especially for travel.

Travel Reviews
Great creamy lather
Haslinger Schafmilch Shaving Soap with Sheep Milk and Lanolin I bought this soap because of the size. I have a Truefitt and Hill scuttle that will only accept a rather small puck. Not only is it a perfect fit, but it created some of the richest and creamiest lather I’ve ever used. Great product.
An excellent reusable blade vault
Razor Blade Bank, Black Love this blade vault, no need to buy more as you can remove the bottom and dump the blades when full. Highly recommended.
Works great, smaller size does too!
Twist-up Shaving Stick Containers, 2 oz So far I have used these and the smaller size for Arko, Speick, MWF, Cella and Palmolive. Okay, I got a little carried away, but I have discovered that I love shaving sticks, and not just for travel. Arko fits perfectly but there is some slack on the smaller 50g sticks like Speick and Palmolive. No worries, they still work fine. Unless you are traveling for over 6 weeks, the smaller size works great for travel. MWF supposedly hard to lather in a bowl is easy to lather on your face with a stick. The 2 oz. size fits a full stick and the .75 oz. size fits half a stick.
Beautiful product, great lather
New to Wet Shaving and New to Shaving Soaps
Haslinger Schafmilch Shaving Soap with Sheep Milk and Lanolin I am anxious to have a day off when I can try, for the first time, creating lather with my new brush. I was a little shocked when I recieved the package, as the cake was smaller than I expected. I still need to buy a bowl, but am going to use a cup to get started..... This has been a slow, but a fun journey and I'll never go back to cartridge razors.
Great brush, exactly what I was looking for
Simpson Major Super Badger Shaving Brush M1 I have thoroughly enjoyed many of my Simpson brushes and currently own a Chubby 1 in super, a Duke 3 in best, a Classic 2 in best, a Wee-Scot (in best), a Classic 1 synthetic, and my newest a Major in super. I briefly owned a Case in best.

While the Wee-Scot is great for what it is, I wanted a little larger, less scritchy brush for travel. My first attempt at a new travel brush was the Case in best. I liked the size of the brush and was happy with how it lathered, however it felt too scritchy for me. It seems that the badger hair in best for the both the Classic 2 and Duke 3 is of a higher grade than that of the Wee-Scot and the Case.

My next attempt was to try the Classic 1 synthetic. The Classic 1 synthetic is a good travel size for me, bristles are extremely soft (maybe too soft) with good backbone and drys quickly. But this brush was also not for me. It forced me to smash the brush against my face as it would not splay at all. Two replacement travel brushes now and neither was right for me. I should have bought the Major in super to begin with.

I received the Major yesterday and used it today. It is exactly what I was looking for. The knot has begun to bloom nicely after the first use. This brush has good backbone and good face feel for me. I believe it will also dry quickly, however I cannot yet verify that as I did not stay home to see if how quickly it would dry. The actual brush, its style and its handle (travel case) all scream out "high quality precision brush". I should have bought this brush in the first place and would have both saved money and time since I ended up with it anyway.

Like razors, blades and soaps, brushes are highly personal in what is desired, but for me I have found my ideal travel brush. YMMV.
WCS Leather Safety Razor Case, Large, Brown Good Price, Great Product.
Perfect little travel brush!
Simpsons Case 1 Best Badger Shaving Brush C1 Quality. Tight knot, no breakin time needed, lathers beautify! Great for travel, fun to use everyday.
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