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Most men give little thought to their own eyebrows, but most men don't know that the look of your brows has an effect on how others see you. The way your eyebrows look can signify self-confidence, motivation, and logical and organizational abilities; and achieving that beautiful set of eyebrows calls for a good pair of tweezers. The Tweezerman Black Slant Tweezer is renowned for its quality and performance. Tweezing can sometimes be a hit or a miss, but with the help of the Tweezerman Black Slant Tweezer, you can easily remove your hair every single time. It is made with premium quality stainless steel so you're free to sanitize your tweezers without worrying about rust or tarnish. It has an advanced ergonomic feature for an easier and more comfortable tweeze. It comes in a classic baked enamel finish in Midnight Sky color. Tweezing does not always have to be a painful experience, make it more fun and comfortable with the Tweezerman Black Slant Tweezer!

For easier tweezing, use a warm washcloth to open the pores. Tweeze along the direction of hair growth and wash with cold water afterwards to seal the pores.

This pair of tweezers comes with lifetime guarantee and free sharpening.

Made in India.