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Do you have stubborn, ingrown hair? Or maybe you stumbled upon a broken glass or splinters of any kind? The Tweezerman Ingrown/Splintertweeze is here to help you out! It is designed to remove anything lodged under the skin such as ingrown hair, small piece of broken glass, thorns, or splinters. Being a world renowned product for its classic design, removing foreign objects under the skin would be as easy as pie. With its acute surgical precision, you can achieve perfectly smooth, hair-free skin without the bumps and stubs. It comes in a classic stainless steel finish so you can easily clean your tweezers without getting rusty or tarnished.

To use this product, simply wash and dry the spot with soap and water. Sterilize the tip of the tweezers with alcohol and carefully remove the object.

This pair of tweezers comes with manufacturer lifetime guarantee. It also comes with free lifetime sharpening for products that have become dull with normal use.

Made in India.