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The use of manicure scissors is a conventional approach to nail cutting. This was made to address the issue of clippers being difficult to clean, and their tendency to harbor germs in the long run. Typically, this is used by those people who want to trim dead and overgrown cuticle skin or sometimes to trim an annoying hangnail. Instead of settling for a clipper that may be hazardous in the long run, why not use a tool that allows for a clean and precise cut with optimum control?

The Tweezerman Professional Stainless Steel Scissors feature sharp, curved blades that promote a smooth cutting action so you do not have to worry about accidentally slicing your skin. This is also useful for the occasional small cutting tasks, like removing a tag from clothing or snipping a loose thread.  It's made of the finest stainless steel in the market, making it easy to sterilize, so you can assure yourself that this will not easily become contaminated with a variety of bacteria or fungi, making it your go-to nail care tool that is built to last.
Made in Italy.