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Trim your toenails to perfection with the Tweezerman Professional Toenail Nipper! This clipper is made of heavy duty stainless steel, which makes it very durable, rust resistant, and free from corrosion. Unlike normal nail cutters this professional grade nipper has very sharp and powerful blades that can cut through the thickest toenail with ease. It also features a double action spring barrel which gives you smooth and clean nipping. The smooth double spring together with the locking mechanism gives you maximum control. Never again will you be faced with the irritating and painful cracking and splitting of nails!

For better results it's best to cut your nails after you take a hot shower or soak your toenails in water to soften them for a much easier trimming. Snip your toenails in a straight manner to prevent the development of painful ingrown and walk-inhibiting problems. Be careful not to cut too close to the skin to avoid tearing of flesh that can lead to open wounds and infections. This dependable and long lasting grooming tool can surely give you the comfort and cleanliness you deserve.

Made in China.