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For on-the-go nail technicians, it is often bothersome to do home nail services carrying so many different beauty instruments. Unfortunately, they need to deal with carrying so much in order to provide quality service to their customers. Thankfully they, and even you at home, need not worry about carrying multiple grooming tools anymore. With the Tweezerman V Cuticle Nipper, you have a quality tool that has dual functions and is built to last. It is compact and stable, perfect for professionals and amateurs alike. NailPro's Readers' Choice and Launchpad awardee; although this tool may look like tweezers, it seamlessly and mainly function as a cuticle remover.
Made from stainless steel, its durability and longevity will surely impress technicians and home users alike.  Its ingenious shape makes it easy to use. What's more is that it has a buffed end that allows you to use it as a pusher. Both compact and diverse, it makes caring for unsightly claws easier and much more efficient. Your regular nail care made easy with the Tweezerman V Cuticle Nipper.

Made in China.