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This Vie-Long Shaving Brush, Brown Horse Hair Acrylic Butterscotch is a beautiful warm-colored brush that is made with natural brown horse hair, which compliments the handle attractively while also allowing very good water retention. The hair used for this brush is never bleached and comes from the all-natural mane hair (35%) and tail hair (65%) of horses in Spain. The hair is taken only while the animals are being groomed. No horse is ever harmed from the hair retrieval process and Vie-Long is proud of their ethical processes. This brush boasts an excellent combination of firm hair and soft tips thanks to a dedicated process that Vie-Long applies to the tips.

Height: 105mm
Loft: 55mm
Base: 50mm
Knot: 24mm
Hair: Horse hair

(Dimensions are approximations).

Handmade in Valencia, Spain.