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The Vie-Long Shaving Brush, Brown Horse Hair Acrylic & Metal, Ivory & Silver is a stunning handmade brush. It is made with a beautiful ivory acrylic handle that is accented with a metallic chrome base. The brown horse hair highlights the light ivory handle handsomely. Not only is this brush lovely to look at, it's also extremely well made and a delight to use in your daily wet shaving routine. This is an overall excellent brush. And with a name like Vie-Long, you know you will only get an ethically made brush from mane and tail horse hair that is retrieved through the process of grooming. No harm is ever done to the animals. Built with care and integrity.

Height: 103mm
Loft: 52mm
Base: 51mm
Knot: 21mm
Hair: Horse hair

(Dimensions are approximations).

Handmade in Valencia, Spain.

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