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  • traditional shaving brush
  • loaded with super badger hair
  • faux ivory handle

Vulfix has been making shaving brushes for over 50 years, so they know a thing or two about hair grades, knots, and loft. Their reputation proceeds them as a premier manufacturer of badger brushes in the United Kingdom. The Vulfix 2236S is one of the most popular brushes from Vulfix.

This handmade brush uses Super Badger bristles which makes for a soft and luxurious feel on the face. A high quality instrument, it has a unique dark band topped by lighter tips. The tapered head is achieved without trimming, so you get the softest, smoothest effect of hair in its natural state. It is a great value and performs nicely for the price.

The handle is a classic-looking, faux ivory. It is lathe-turn and stamped with the Vulfix logo. This is a good sized brush and able to whip up a great lather face/mug/palm.

Color: Faux Ivory
Total Height: 130mm
Bristle Loft: 57mm
Knot Dia: 26mm
Hair: Super Badger

Dimensions are approximate.

Handmade in England