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Vulfix is the oldest shaving brush company around and has been manufacturing brushes for over half a century. Located in England, all of the brushes are hand made and excellent quality and value for the money. The hair itself is hand formed without any use of trimming machinery, giving the tapered head shape that Vulfix is known for. They offer a variety of choices for people, offering several different grades of badge hair, ranging from pure to silvertip, and various handle sizes which makes them accessible for everyone, no matter what your price range. So pick up a Vulfix brush and pair it with one of their creams, available in several scents and you are set to go for a perfect wet shave.

Vulfix Shaving Brushes
Vulfix Shaving Brushes
Vulfix Shaving Cream
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Vulfix Reviews
Great Brush
Vulfix 1000A Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Faux Ivory Quality at a very fair price. Thank West Coast.
Best shave cream
Vulfix Luxury Lavender Shaving Cream I have used them all over the years, and the Vulfix creams are, in my opinion, the best value. I like the lavender scent and come back to it again and again.
Well-designed and comfy. Tad smelly
Vulfix Turnback Super Badger Travel Brush This is a great travel brush. Packs well. Well designed. Feels great and does the job. However, after about half a dozen shaves, it’s still smelly, although getting less so every shave. This is the first brush I’ve had where the animal smell was as strong out of the box and lasted as long. Minus a star for that. However, the design is top marks.
This is a great brush,
Vulfix 1000A Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Faux Ebony This is a great brush, especially for the price. Soft enough to be comfortable and stiff enough to work up a lather quickly. Compares very favorably to my premium badger brushes. Works well with cream, gel or hard soap.
Very good travel brush
Vulfix Turnback Super Badger Travel Brush At first I was I was a bit skeptical about the size, but it works just fine. The super badger is excellent and it performs quite well. I would recommend it for travel.
Great brush
Vulfix 1000A Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Faux Ebony "Great brush to use. Works very well as intended.
Great Shaving Brush for Lathering Legs!
Vulfix 1000A Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Faux Ivory "The shaving soap is sooo much better than bath soap for shaving one's legs and the brush makes applying it so easy. I love it.
Keep going back!
Vulfix Luxury Sandalwood Shaving Cream "I keep trying other creams and keep going back. Always smooth comfortable shave.
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