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Let's just get it out there and state the obvious, we LOVE classic shaving and everything that goes along with it. For us, what once was a chore is now an experience that we look forward to. With that said, there were some items that we thought could be more fun or have more options than what was already available. West Coast Shaving is a unique place in and of itself, so of course we wanted to create some exclusive items for your shave. Our stands, bowls and mugs are unique and fun and give more options when shopping for supplies. And we think our safety razor case is the finest on the market, regardless of price. We think the price point of these products is great, but don't worry, we would never sacrifice price for quality. With any of our West Coast products you will be sure to add a little character to your supplies.

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West Coast Shaving Brand Reviews
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything As being a newbie to traditional shaving, this sample pack gave me the opportunity to test different types of blades to see which blade suited my face the best. It has a wonderful variety of different brands to choose from. It enhances the morning shave into something more than just a part of the daily routine. It takes the morning shave into a more pleasurable scenic route as opposed the same trip everyday. The amount of blades you receive is such that in the unlikely event you find a blade you truly dislike, just move on to the next to find the type to suit you. For anyone , new to traditional shaving, this sample pack is a must.
Straight Razor Bundle
WCS Black Straight Razor, 5/8 Carbon Steel Honestly, I bought this razor for the novelty as I shave daily and wanted something more interesting rather than a bland 5-blade razor. This set is well worth the money as it gives you everything you need to shave and is of great quality too. Yes, it is rather expensive but that is just the nature of straight razors. I am looking forward to buying more shave soaps and after shaves from West Coast Shaving.
WCS Lantern Shaving Brush, Pure Badger, Black This is a gift for my son so I cannot review at this time but since this is the second email, I’m responding. As ordered and packaged neatly.
WC Ancient Stone Shaving Hrush
WCS Ancient Stone Collection Brush, Amethyst, Silvertip I've purchased 3 of the WC Ancient Stone Collection Shaving Brushes. They are beautifully made and the colors are fantastic. They are just the right size and an excellent buy for the money. They are very well made and do an excellent job of lathering. They are not as soft as a lot of other silvertip brushes and have some skritch to them. Overall I think you'll enjoy them.
WCS Blue Titanium Collection Razor, 84BL.
WCS Blue Titanium Collection Razor, 84BL GREAT VALUE





What a shave,
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack Was looking for a shaver t o prevent shaving bumps. Something to enjoy in the mornings while I get ready for work. It’s back to basics shaving, but truly a gentleman’s way of preparing for his next adventure.
Fun razor!
WCS Classic Collection Razor 110S, Stainless Steel, Open Comb I like this razor. It's very heavy, and it's a bit aggressive, so you have to pay attention when you use it. But that's a good thing. It's like driving a stick shift rather than an automatic. It's fun to drive a stick, even though it's easier to drive a slushbox. If you pay attention with this razor (and it's really not that challenging), you can get an excellent shave--and you'll enjoy the process!
Exellent brush
WCS Psychedelic Collection Brush, Fool's Gold, Silvertip This brush is exellent. The silvertip hair is oh so soft and feels luxurious. A great deal for a silvertip brush.
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