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  • Light hold great for stylizing hair
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Petroleum based and keeps hair manageable 
  • Delicate herb scent, lavender and oak moss

As a man of good taste, you'll simply because you love the smell of this delicate herb. Naturally, you'd like to incorporate it into the rest of your grooming routine.

If this sounds like you, your heart likely yearns for simpler times. Back in the day, fragrances were simple and based on naturally occurring herbs and flowers. Chemical odors just don't do it for you, and there's nothing wrong with that. Chacun ' son gout ' don't let anyone tell you differently.

You probably also appreciate a good pomade, something that helps to shape your hair and give it a bit of shine. Yardley's original English Lavender Brilliantine delivers. It's made with the same formula that was so popular in times gone by. You can't improve on perfection, so it's even packaged in its original green glass jar. You'll want to sniff it all day long, and please don't be surprised if women you know only casually get up close and personal, just to smell your hair.

Size: 80g/2.8 oz

Made in England.