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Adjustable Razors

With adjustable safety razors, you can change the amount of blade exposure in the shave.

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Adjustable Razors Reviews
Greatest! PARKER Variant Adjustable Razor, Satin Chrome
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Satin Chrome The new PARKER Variant Adjustable Razor in Satin Chrome is very nice. I own 4 (four) different MERKUR models, which I like very much. However, none of these are adjustable. The PARKER Variant (made in India) is of the same high quality as the MERKUR line (made in Germany) and offers the option of 9 (nine) different settings. I use my PARKER Variant on the "3" setting and find it provides a smooth, comfortable shave without any irritation. This is a very good adjustable DE safety razor. You will really like the PARKER Variant a lot.
Parker Variant
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Black Superb razor. Can go from mild to wild depending on setting. Setting 1-3 are rather mild for β€œme” 4-5 rather aggressive. 5 being more aggressive than my IKON standard bar. This razor has some weight to it. No quality issues with mine, I do have the black handle version
Actually it was a gift
Rockwell 6C Razor, White Chrome Actually it was a gift for my cousin but he loves it. What I can say about WCS is through the years I have made I good number of purchases and any issues I've had were quickly rectified. This is a great way to buy on line and I have had nothing but great service
Great Razor
Rockwell 6C Razor, White Chrome Love shaving with a safety razor it's been a great ride. Thank you WCS.
Murkur futur
Merkur Futur Safety Razor Gold Exelent heavy razor.
Very nice
Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor Learned to shave with old used butterfly DE safety razors before going to disposables that have been my standard for the last 3 decades. Studying the web to find a more comfortable shave led me to the modern style of DE razors. The rockwell 6S looked like the very best way to try different levels af agressiveness. So far it has surpassed all my expectations giving a wonderfull experience along with a feel of quality every time. The sandblasted industrial look may not be for everyone but I find it attractive.
The must hae DE razir foranperfect BBS Shave
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Black β€œI want and expect an awful lot from my DE Razor and the this Parker Variant is the one that delivers! I don't consider a shave a good shave unless it is BBS. I also don't like cuts and too much irritation either. Just to make it more difficult to make this lofty goal I have very sensitive skin and a medium heavy beard. Seriously, to do this I can not even immagine being able to do all this without this Parker Variant Razor ! Your blade choice has to be right your blade exposure and angle adjustment has to be perfect and your lather has to be top notch IHO. So if I were to buy any single adjustment razor ,wow, how many would I have had to buy to get the PERFECT formula for my high standards. Basically friends if you want to only pay for one DE razor that will get you to YOUR perfect BBS comfortable smooth shaves than this razor by Parker is it! To say I think this razor is the best out there would be a hugh understatement. If you think this is too expensive, I would answer that by saying, you can not afford to pass this one by!”
Merkur replacement
Merkur Futur Safety Razor Matte Chrome This is a replacement for a discontinued model of a Merkur razor. I used the last one for about 15 years and it finally could not hold the blade well. This is a nice replacement. It has an adjustment for closeness. I have very curly beard hair, and a close shave cases ingrown hairs. I can adjust this one to avoid them.
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