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Adjustable Razors

With adjustable safety razors, you can change the amount of blade exposure in the shave.

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Adjustable Razors Reviews
Parker variant adjustable razor
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Satin Chrome My husband loves his new razor and the way it is adjustable. It really gives a great smooth shaved.
Rockwell 6C Razor, White Chrome Everything you heard is true. Get this razor!
Parker Variant
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Satin Chrome Being relatively new to the craft of wet shaving (4 years), I am continuing to build my personal preferences. I have been through a few choices for DE razor's and even had one break. While searching for a replacement razor I had 3-4 for non-adjustable types in my final selection. Then it dawned on me to look closer at an adjustable razor which would remove most of the "perfect match" variables of finding the best combination of aggressive head style combined with my favorite blade. Once my search focused on the adjustable type, I quickly narrowed it to the Parker Variant. I have purchased one and used it for a month. The weight is ideal and the adjustable feature is very functional, allowing different settings depending on the blade and stubble growth. From a craftsmanship and functionality standpoint I know I will be enjoying this "instrument" for years to come. The only reason I cannot leave a 5 Star rating is that only after 1 month I have seen some water stains on the crown and underside of the head. For water to stain the crowned top, I am a little concerned about the quality of the final finish in production. As this is mere cosmetics I am not overly concerned and would highly recommend the Parker Variant to anyone searching for their next favorite DE razor.
Could be the one!
Merkur Progress Long Handle Adjustable Safety Razor I have: Merkur 1903, Muhle R41, Muhle R89, Merkur Vision, Merkur 38C Long Handle, and now Merkur Progress. They all shave differently. My go to, and favorite is/ was : Merkur 38C; it it the balance of aggressiveness, smoothness, and simplicity. The Progress is a simple two piece design, that is adjustable. The head is square, as opposed to the 38C. So, it's taking some time to adjust to the way it shaves, but I'm on my way. I can open it up, to really get close. I have to find the right setting, for me. But, from what results I'm getting; it's a WINNER!!! My opinion: Merkur 38C and Merkur Progress, are the best two razors I have. I've been doing this wet shaving for about 8 years now.
Rockwell 6s: Hard to Find Better
Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor Two years ago I went all in on the safety razor scene. Read countless reviews and bought a Feather AS-D2. The feather is a great razor and screams quality with the ergonomics of holding it and the shave. I bought the 6s as a travel razor as the style and mechanics function very similar to my feather. Switching back and forth between them I think the 6s is on par with the feather. Slightly heavier and different shave angle but similar quality shave. The feather cost me $170 and the Rockwell was $125 w/ stand. I dropped the number 3 plate into the shavers and like the shave enough that I have not bothered trying out the other plates. Made in USA is a nice touch as well.

One minor design issue I have is I wish the head covered the entire blade. The blades extend past the head (on the sides) about 1/8" and wish it was flush. Feels awkward grabbing the head and feeling the blade when changing the blade out.

It may seem a little pricey with most razors in the $30-$60 range but if you can afford it I highly recommend.
The Attainable Adjustable
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Satin Chrome For a long time, Iv'e been hoping that *someone* would come out with a modern adjustable DE razor that combined the classic qualities of the best adjustable of the past (which, save for one or two obscure and low-production brands, pretty much means vintage Gillettes), but with the advantage of modern production, meaning no need to suffer the vagaries of heavily-used vintage DEs gong for near-extortionate bucks on a certain auction site). I've been using the Parker Variant for some months now, and can comfortably say It's a razor for the ages: elegantly unassuming in its appearance, in use it's one of the most sublime shavers I've come across, and this comes from someone in possession of Merkur;s Vision and Futur razors - not bad, either of them, but the Variant is putting them on notice: if you're going to charge much more than the near-$60 tab it asks of you to take it home, you have to seriously up your game. Put simply, it's my new standard, period.
Merkur Futur in gold finish
Merkur Futur Safety Razor Gold The Merkur Futur is my favorite razor--that's why I bought this second one in gold. It's a beautiful razor with its glossy gold finish and it gives the same comfortable, close shave I've come to expect from the Futur. And, as is true with my other Futur in the chrome finish, its smooth surface presents no trouble with the grip. Also, with my large hands, I love its heft and size. Wonderful feedback as only the Futur can give.
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Satin Chrome I bought the Parker Variant and Rockwell 6C razors at the same time. Just like my children, they are different in many ways but I love them just the same. Both give an outstanding shave that is customizable to the individual shaver. Because the Parker is adjustable, there’s never a concern about the razor being too mild or too aggressive. It’s like owning five quality razors for the price of one. The razor is built to last a lifetime and it feels like it. Some may not like the heft it wields but it’s something I like in a safety razor. My next purchase will be another adjustable razor, the Rockwell Model-T when it becomes available. Regarding West Coast Shaving – they have awesome customer service.
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