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  • Acrylate Cross Polymer to cool skin quickly
  • Allantoin and Oat Kernel extract to block pain and sooth skin
  • Natural oils to soften, condition, and scent your skin.

Have you ever experienced that sweet and soothing sensation when putting an ice packet on your bruised knees? That's the same feeling you'll get when you apply Billy Jealousy's Shaved Ice After Shave Balm on your newly-shaved face. It immediately cools and comforts the skin, leaving you as chilled as that bottle of champagne you toast with during moments of success.

More so, it provides healing and pain-blocking benefits to allow the fresh layer of your epidermis to rest and regrow. It will also leave your skin supple and hydrated. Its scent, which is a mix of orange, grapefruit, lime, ginger, and bergamot oils won't leave you smelling like cheaply-scented deodorant, but instead you'll emit the energizing scent of fresh fruits. To maintain the skin's natural fatty layer, this product balances its natural pH level, because too alkaline or too basic after shave balms, creams, or solutions may result in you feeling dry.

Size: 3 fl oz / 88 ml

Made in America