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  • A hydrating antibacterial splash for after your shave
  • Sweet, rich sandalwood scent
  • Contains antibiotic properties

Regular shaving is healthy for the facial skin because it takes off the dead cells. Also, it prevents unwanted build-up of dirt on the beard and mustache. This also gives a brand new clean look as it highlights the over-all appearance of your face.

Of course, after every shave never forget to use an after shaving product to prevent irritation and to soothe your skin in case of tiny cuts. Additionally, this this is beneficial for hydrating, antibacterial purposes. We love a little tingle on our skin after we shave, so we love to recommend Captain's Choice Sandalwood Aftershave.

Get the refreshing sensation with every application, and entice your (as well as others') senses with the sweet and rich sandalwood aroma with a gentle one-note scent (rather than a prominent multidimensional one, like most sandalwood on the market). This popular product will absolutely provide you the soothing comfort after your face is grazed by the sharp razor, and will surely keep you moisturized the whole day.

Make your face happy with this great new splash that has been highly anticipated. Get it now and try for yourself!

Size: 4 fl.oz

Made in USA