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  • Soothing aftershave balm
  • No alcohol
  • Scented with spice, citrus, & vanilla

US Navy veteran, Richard Creger, and his wife, Stephanie, make up the artisan team of Cooper & French. Like many who find themselves falling down the rabbit hole of wet shaving, Richard was sold on the comfortable, efficient shave that he got with a double edge safety razor. But what first drew him into the realm was the vintage mystique of these antique tools. To discover that they were exceptionally functional led him to experiment and perfect a shaving soap to match the experience. Now, he and his wife make soap and grooming requisites in the art-centric Audubon neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis.

If you don’t love the sting of a splash but want to pamper your skin after scraping it with a steel blade, then this is the product for you. This soothing balm is a great alternative to an alcohol-based splash. Non-greasy and light, it absorbs quickly to leave your post-shave skin feeling moisturized and smooth.

A throw-back scent for your throw-back shave. No matter which old goat taught you how to shave, you might remember this smell. In this aroma, Cooper & French endeavored to recreate the original 1930’s Shulton Old Spice fragrance. Beloved by generations and sought after by aficionados, this aroma has notes of citrus and subdued vanilla in its spicy accord. Pair it with the Old Goat Shaving Soaps which lathers up creamy with goat milk in the recipe.

Size: 4oz

Made in the USA

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Glycerin, Glycol Monostearate, Acylamide Copolymer, Octyldodecanol, Isopropyl Palmitate, Myristate, PEG-20, Glyceryl Stearate, Ceteareth-14, Polysorbate 85, Iodopropanol Butylcarbamate, Fragrance