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  • Use after a shave to tighten skin and unclog pores
  • Infused with the new Bayolea fragrance
  • Leaves skin cool and energized

Any gentleman who regularly shaves understands the importance of applying an aftershave splash on his face. Shaving often leaves the skin susceptible to cuts and infection; an aftershave splash prevents these by tightening and unclogging pores at the same time. 

Forget splashes that leave you looking dull and dry after shaving. This product is made with ingredients that leave your skin cool and energized. It also comes with a scent that can make every man feel confident. As part of Penhaligon's new line of men's grooming essentials, this product is infused with the classic and zesty fragrance of Bayolea. Its invigorating scent comes from a rich blend of mandarin and lemongrass combined with warm middle notes of cardamom, black pepper, and lavender. Underneath these scents are the woodsy and masculine base notes of cedar, sandalwood, moss, and musk. So you'll still have an irresistible aroma that lingers on your post-shave skin for a long time. 

Try the new Penhaligon Bayolea Aftershave Splash now, and become the charismatic and suave gentleman that you've always wanted to be. 

Size: 100ml 

Made in England.