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  • Aftershave splash for your post-shave face
  • Scented with citrusy-spicy top notes, floral mid notes, and musky-oaky bottom notes
  • Made in England

Truefitt & Hill have been around since 1805 and so has this scent. Reformulated from the first scent of William Francis Truefitt, this fragrance brings to mind the hallowed halls of British universities. 

Freshman Aftershave Splash is a wonderful addition to Truefitt & Hill's selection of grooming products for men.

  • It acts as an antiseptic that prevents any minor cuts and scratches incurred while shaving from becoming infected. 
  • It tightens the pores on your post-shaved face, so it won_'��___'��___t be clogged by dirt and small particles. 
  • With its revitalizing mix of ingredients, it soothes your skin after shaving. 

If you want to have a subtle fragrance without using heavier scented colognes, this is great for you. When you first dab it on, it has a clean and fresh smell that isn't too overpowering for daily use. 

It's infused with top notes of bergamot, lemon and rosemary to produce a punchy fragrance that adds a lively twist to your scent. The scent gradually evolves through the day to reveal floral mid notes of clary sage, lily of the valley and jasmine. Eventually, the woodsy aromas arise to form an intoxicating base note. This dynamic aftershave gives you a complete dry down from citrusy smells to floral scents to a final woody base fragrance. Just splash it on in the morning and enjoy its entrancing scents for the whole day. 

This light and refreshing aroma is fitting for spring, when young men's fancies turn to thoughts of . . . impressing the ladies. 

Size: 3.38 fl. oz. 

Made in England

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