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Anchor's Hair Pomade

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Anchor's Hair Pomade Reviews
Teddy boy
Anchors Hair Company Teddy Boy Original Pomade It's a great water base pomade it's not Greasy Medium+ hold on me easy to restyle. One of my favorite
Good stuff!
Anchors Hair Company Teddy Boy Matte Wax.I've used their smaller sampler almost a year ago & was happy to see West Coast stocking their full-sized pomades. This stuff has an artificial cherry smelling flavor which I'm sure can be polarizing (Think of the cherry scent your car's interior can have at the car wash). I personally like it but I can understand if others don't. Like cologne, you'll be able to smell it on you throughout the day until you get used to it. I don't know if it lasts all day or not. The wax is a white in color and EXTREMELY easy to work it. It feels like a cream. Just make sure to work it into your hair well so it doesn't look like you have white residue in your hair. Anchor's describes it as a "strong hold" but I'd compare it to more of a "light/medium" hold. I used to have longer hair and it took some effort and more teddy boy matte to tame it into a comb over with a pomp. I don't style my hair like that anymore so I use this for a kind of messy, textured spiky look & it works well for that. I noticed during hot days, it takes some hold out of your hair & you'd have to re-style it again but it's easy to do with a little bit of water. Doesn't add too much shine but it doesn't make my hair look like it was completely "matte" either. This stuff is great if you're current pomade is hard to work with & leaves you with "helmet head".
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