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Moustache Care

You've showered, combed, shaved, styled, and spritzed -- but don't forget about that 'stache. It needs the proper care, too. And in today's world there are a plethora of options to keep you looking natty!

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Here at West Coast Shaving we carry dozens of waxes with an equal number of scents to meet the discerning buyer's expectations. Firm hold or mild, strong aroma or unscented, new up-and-comer or traditional grooming giant, we have plenty to offer. Whether you are channeling Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gabel, Ron Swanson, Tom Selleck, or even Yosemite Sam, keep your lip rug in fighting form with offerings from Penhaligons, Mr Natty, Doc Elliot, and Lockhart's.

Moustache Care Reviews
Raedical Camber Mustache Wax I have tried literally every mustache wax known to man and this is definitely the best one, especially for a goatee with hairs that tend to frizzle. Best hold, excellent scent, awesome value.
TOBS Moustache Wax
Taylor of Old Bond Street Moustache Wax, 15ml Love the product. It isn’t a hard wax, where you need fingernails to get some out. It is of the perfect consistency to easily use between thumb and forefinger to apply.
Does its job
Abraham's Moustache Wax, Milk and Honey I have a beard conditioner of the same brand and fragrance so I thought I'd give the wax a try. I was a bit surprised at how small it was, but that's my fault for not checking before I ordered, so my one negative is that the stuff is hard as a rock out of the tin. It's fine once you warm it up with fingers, and I still like the fragrance, but getting the stuff onto your fingers takes some patience.
I like this stuff!
Taconic Mustache Wax I'm only a little over a month into growing a handlebar - the hair sweeps out to the sides very nicely, but I still have a lot of stubborn hairs that reach down to my lower lip. This is the second wax I've tried and here's my two bits.

You get a generous supply for the price you pay. The tin is easy to use and the wax warms up nicely on your fingertips. The smell is mild and pleasant - I don't like strong cosmetic smells. The hold is not rock-solid - more persuasion than coersion - but it absorbs into the hair nicely and does not feel gluey or sticky.

I give it four stars, because of the hold, and because I'm still wondering what else might be out there, but I like this stuff. It was a step up from Clubman in my opinion.
Gogh to apply without od stuff
Raedical IP66 Mustache Wax Last month I decided to do an extended handlebar for Movember this year. Needed a wax that was pliable enough to hold the shape without pulling hairs out while sculpting.

The IP66 filled the bill perfectly. Three months to go and this is now my go-to wax for the duration of the experiment Please don't run out of it.
Firehouses moustache tacky
Firehouse Moustache Wax, Wacky Tacky Tacky with great hold
Works like it should.
Firehouse Moustache Wax, Light I have tried some others, but they just coat and do not control the stache. This one does. The tin looks small,but lasts long enough to be worthwhile. Smells like beeswax, too. The only way to make it perfect would be to make it work on lazy days...
This product is amazing!
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