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Moustache Tools

Confucius once said, "A man without a moustache is a man without a soul." If you agree (and why wouldn't you?), then you need the proper tools to take care of your lipholstery. Only a soulless man would neglect his cookie duster!

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If you have any facial hair that gets a little unruly, tame it with one of our fabulous tools: a top-of-the-line comb designed specifically to tackle your 'stache (or even one that looks like your 'stache), a sharp scissors to make quick work of those strays, or a trimmer designed precisely for those fine-tuning details. We have the brands you want like Kent, Merkur, Andis, and maybe even a few you haven't heard of like Tweezerman and Cowboy Comb.

Moustache Tools Reviews
Great looking comb, gets a
Cowboy Comb, Black Great looking comb, gets a lot of responces
Col Conk Mini Moustache
Col Conk Mini Moustache Comb Works great with a pair of scissors to trim your moustache.
GREAT Scissors!!!
Tweezerman Moustache Scissors "Very sharp, really cut nicely. I think a curved pair would be nice also but these were a great purchase.
Great little Stache comb fits
Kent Beard and Moustache Comb, Fine "Great little Stache comb fits nicely in my wallet.
Bought this for my friend,
Cowboy Comb, Black "Bought this for my friend, he said its aight
Al Brown
Merkur Mustache and Brow Razor Blades I have used the Murkur blades and mustache razor for several years. I primarily use it to shave areas above my chin where it works very well to clean up hair in bare spots, and to, at times, trim the edge of my mustache. I am satisfied with its performance and will continue its use. I do not agree with some of the very negative reviews given this product.
Phenomenal Scissors
Tweezerman Moustache Scissors.I bought this well over a year ago after purchasing some scissors from a local store that couldn't even cut paper. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these things cut magnificently. I'm able to get a good, even trim on my beard and mustache. Every inch of these scissors is capable of cutting hair, even the very tip. I haven't had any situations where the hair doesn't cut and gets wedged between the blades. These are reliable scissors that cut consistently and cleanly. They are definitely worth the price.
A must have to trim that bushy 'stache
Tweezerman Moustache Scissors.Great little scissors that come in a nice clear plastic case with a comb included. I previously used a beard trimmer, but these offer more control. No need to overtrim when you just want to keep your upper lip uncovered and your moustache neat. Highly recommended for the mustachioed.
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