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  • Beard wax to polish and protect your whiskers
  • Prevents cracking, nourishes underlying skin
  • A good defense against the elements, like wind and cold

Antica Barbieria Colla isn't just a men's grooming line, it is an experience. Antica Barbieria Colla is a renowned, prestigious, European shave house that needs to go to the top of your wet shaving bucket list. Opened in 1904 by Dino Colla, this barbershop has serviced show business stars and other international clientele. They've maintained a hundred years of service by a commitment to detail and customer care. Pure luxury, proprietary recipes, and natural products make them top tier in men's grooming. Try their Antica Barbieria Colla Beard Wax, Polishing and Protective.

Colla's original concoctions have been handed down to today's owner, Franco Bompieri. These blends are formulated to give you the best result possible. No detail is overlooked. This beard wax protects and maintains a soft beard. It can prevent the cracking, dryness, and flaking that can be the bane of a beard grower. It also nourishes the skin beneath your face forest. It is a great defense against wind and cold weather as it coats the whiskers, nourishes them, and adds shine to the hair.

The details aren't left to chance in the packaging either. It comes in a rich red, aluminum tin. Simple sophistication.

Size: 75ml

Made in Italy