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  • Made with beeswax, pumpkin seed butter, and essential oils
  • Vitamin E adds nourishment to facial skin and hair
  • Makes whiskers healthier and softer

Does your facial hair forever look like you're walking into a stiff breeze? You need to tame it! This Rapture Beard Tamer offers you a great way to do that. The control comes from a mix of beeswax and pumpkin seed butter. Add a bit of Vitamin E and some essential oils (peppermint, wintergreen, and eucalyptus) to that and you have a styling product that also nourishes and conditions, which is another big part of keeping everything in line. With this, you can get a great style and not look like you just jumped off a Viking ship. Or, if you want that look, this would certainly allow you to get it deliberately!

This is powerful stuff and it really offers a way for you to keep your look classy. You can use a similar product on your mustache to keep that where you want it, as well, and you'll look every bit the gentleman. The really remarkable thing about this line is that they not only keep your facial hair under control, they also make your follicles healthier and softer, so you're really getting two big benefits when you use them. Treat them right and your whiskers will look perfect!

Size: 2oz

Made in USA