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Top 10 Shaving Brushes

Here are our top 10 selling shaving brushes. We have some great choices here from different brand and different price points.

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Top 10 Shaving Brushes Reviews
Love at first feel
West Coast Shaving Torch Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Tortoise Of course being the speculative type of person, I was a little hesitant in buying a "synthetic" shaving brush. But I have to say that this brush blows away any "real" boar or badger hair shaving brush I've ever used my entire time of wet shaving. This brush was everything I was looking for and at a fraction of the coast it would cost me in a high end badger brush. The brush holds water if you need it to and whips up a lather unlike any badger brush I've used before.

So if your looking for a great Shaving brush and like the larger diameter size knot, this would be the one to look at!
West Coast Shaving Torch Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Tortoise
West Coast Shaving Torch Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Tortoise My very first shaving brush. I am new to traditional wet shaving. I love it, it is an excellent brush. Thank you west coast for your wonderful products and awesome service. If you are lookin for an economical brush. BUY IT!!!
Great brush, equally great price!
Omega 636 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush What can I say, I've been using this brush for several months and it is fantastic. Loads wonderfully and I have only lost 1 or 2 hairs in those months of service. Whether using soap (my number 1 choice) or cream, the outcome is great. An exceptional value for a Silvertip Badger shave brush.
Great handle, great fibre, great 26mm knot = great brush at a great price.
West Coast Shaving Torch Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Tortoise An excellent brush with a great looking handle. I like this synthetic fibre a lot. It basically is a very soft fibre, but given the fact that it is a 26mm knot, it is denser and therefore provides more backbone than in a smaller knot. The whole brush is a bit smaller than I expected. Nevertheless, I like this brush a lot and it is very good value for money.
beacon shaving brush
West Coast Shaving Beacon Shaving Brush, Pure Badger, Ivory I am new to the whole wet shaving thing, that said this brush was easy to use right out of the box and still looks great after a few months of use. good product good value
Brush Bliss
Omega 636 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush The comfort of this brush is superb! It was a joy to shave with such luxury. The handle has a masculine design very different from other brushes I've seen. It is a small brush so big hands may not appreciate its delicate styling.
Pretty darn great!
West Coast Shaving Beacon Black Synthetic Shaving Brush, Black This is the second synthetic brush that I have purchased. The first one has a different shape, so it did take me a little while to figure out how to use this new brush. For instance, the old brush has longer and more flexible bristles than the new one. That means that this brush whips up lather like nobody's business. I like that! One thing that I noticed, too, is that the brush holds a LOT of water. I haven't used an actual nice badger brush, so I guess I don't have any real basis for comparison, but this brush needs an actual shaking out before I put it to the soap. Otherwise, the lather is super thin. Once I figured that out, it's been smooth sailing (and super smooth skin!). I also quite like the heavy handle on this brush. I really feel like I'm holding a substantial tool in my hand. It's a good feeling. Overall, I recommend this brush, particularly if you're not in the mood to harm any badgers (or boars, horses, etc.).
Great Brush for the price
Omega 636 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush I cannot recommend this shaving brush enough. Tried it on both soaps and creams, all lather well.

Brush holds water well and have not lost a hair from the brush yet. Recommend using this brush in combination with Mitchells Wool fat soap.

Yields an enjoyable nick free gliding shave.
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