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Best Selling Traditional Straight

The BOKER 5/8" King Cutter is our best selling traditional straight razor. Boker is an excellent German manufacturer know for their ability to turn out high quality straight razors.

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Best Selling Traditional Straight Reviews
Birthday Present
Boker 5/8" King Cutter Straight Razor, Black My boyfriend absolutely loved his straight razor for his birthday. He used it literally the night he got it. He could not believe how clean shaven he felt after. It was all he was asking for his birthday.
Boker 5/8" King Cutter Straight Razor, Black Everything arrived as expected, And Fast shipping!! I have already been a repeat customer!
Great for making wood carvings
Boker 5/8" King Cutter Straight Razor, Black.I am joking, of course. This is my first straight edge razor, so I don't have much to compare it to. I am getting better with it the more I use it. There is really not much to report... the weak link to any straight razor is the person using it. The blade is sharp, I keep it honed with my strop, and I do my best. I am becoming more and more satisfied with the shave I get as I become more accustomed to using it. It has a good feel to it, and I am pretty satisfied that I have bought a quality razor. I am not sure what a non-quality razor feels like, and I have cut myself, but that's because there is a learning curve involved in using a device such as this. I have dropped it once, and it didn't shatter, I guess that's good. I would have to say that this is a good razor. I feel really happy about it.
great razor
Boker 5/8" King Cutter Straight Razor, Black.I just purchased this razor after trying a cheaper version that uses disposable blades. I really didn't like how that made my face feel and was hoping that this one would be better. To my surprise it is very easy to shave with and is super sharp. I am very happy with my purchase, and I do have a strop coming soon to help keep it razor sharp. I like this razor and it is well worth the cost. I didn't want to spend too much, so with this one on the cheaper end of these styles I am very pleased. Does the job perfectly.
Looks great and feels great.
Boker 5/8" King Cutter Straight Razor, Black.Looks great and feels great. Excell my quality at a good price
Great razor
Boker 5/8" King Cutter Straight Razor, Black.Very sharp and well balanced. It delivers great shaves, and holds its edge well. Highly recommend this razor.
Wonderful razor
Boker 5/8" King Cutter Straight Razor, Black.This is my first straight razor and I am very happy with it. The fact that it is already honed and shave ready is a great addition. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
The Good and Could do Better
Boker 5/8" King Cutter Straight Razor, Black.The good: My ordered arrived quickly and was well packed. The could do better: 1) The Razor did not arrive "Shave Ready" as advertised and required finish honing and stropping. 2) I found the same razor elsewhere for significantly less after the fact, thus only a 3 star rating.
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